About Today's Working Mom

An Introduction for Today’s Working Mom Diary

Hi there! My name is Natasha. I am a working mom.

[Side note: I will use the phrase “working mom” a lot. That’s not to say moms who stay-at-home full-time aren’t working moms, because they definitely are! That’s just the best name I could think to use to refer to being a mom and working professionally for a company or business.] 

I work for a Marketing company in Fort Worth, TX, where I handle Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Editing and Social Media Marketing. I’ve worked at this company for over 3 years now as their Lead SEO Specialist.

Last March, I took time off to have a baby. I’ll call her Sweet Pea in my blogs. 😉 She has been such an amazing gift. I never knew I could love someone so much!

After taking a short leave of absence from work (3 months), I began work again at 30 hours a week (down from my usual 45). I am blessed with a company that allows me to work from home. One day a week, I go into the office and work 10- to 11-hour days (trying to get in as many hours as I can). The remaining days I work from home, trying to meet my weekly 30-hour limit.

Why am I struggling to do both, you might ask? 

There are a few reasons I have continued to work since having Sweet Pea.

1) I sincerely love my job. I love everything I get to do, the company I work for, all that I learn, the risks I’m able to take, the creativity I’m able to explore and implement. It has honestly been the best job fit for me and something I didn’t want to lose.

2) Insurance. I’m sure I will have a post with a rant about this at a later time, but to sum up, working as many hours as I do is necessary to gain health benefits, which I need for myself and my baby. My husband works for a great company, too, but the benefits are not an affordable option for our family.

3) Working from home allows me to meet the 2 goals listed above and also get to spend time with my little one.

How do you manage?

I’ve heard this from a few moms, both stay-at-home moms and office-working moms. My answer: With difficulty. 

At least once a month (and to be honest it’s probably more than that), I have a breakdown under the weight of this pressure. My husband bears the brunt of these hysterical episodes and tries to encourage me as best he can.

However, working from home and being a mom is doable! I find myself in constant prayer that the Lord would give me the strength, the time-management, the grace, a consistent napper (doesn’t always happen) to get through each week. And, fortunately, that has been happening. I get my hours in; I get through the week. Sometimes that comes from working extremely late nights and weekends, but the hours get done all the same and I get time with my baby, which I cherish.

The struggles I face as a mom who works from home:

  • Balance & Attention. Trying to balance getting my work done and not ignoring my child when she wants to play or engage with me.
  • Seeing to My Motherly Duties. Taking care of her throughout the week. Taking breaks for feedings, giving her a bath when she needs one, doing laundry so she has clean clothes, taking her out for play dates so she has interactions with other little kids her age.
  • Faithful to Complete My Work. Meeting my hours each week, getting the work I need to get done finished and participating in meetings (sometimes while trying to soothe a crying child).
  • Being a Good Wife. Being a good wife to my husband and resisting the temptation to just pass Sweat Pea off to him as soon as he walks through the door at the end of the day so I can work. This also includes finding the time to spend with him when he’s home, just the two of us and as a family.

I wanted to start this blog to document my experience as a working mom to both inspire, learn from and help other moms in similar situations. As I’ve been learning about my generation (Millennials – I think?!), working from home is something a lot of us desire and an area a lot of companies are beginning to cater to. With that in mind, how do you work from home and juggle family life and parenthood? I think it’s a question we’ll start to see more of but something I’ve had a hard time finding answers to myself.

This is what I hope to explore more of in my coming posts.

If you have specific questions about working from home, being a mom, or both, leave them in the comment section below! 


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