Time Management

A Stress-Free Week

This week was great! I actually finished all of my hours for the week (30 total), finishing last night at 11:15 p.m. It felt good! Usually I use my Saturdays and Sundays to get the rest of my hours in but this weekend I can actually take a break, which has been great.

Sweet Pea took longer naps this week, it seemed like, and she did better playing independently. Plus, an advantage of living with the in-laws, you occasionally have some extra people to play with your baby! 😀 Especially when aunts come over, too.

My husband has also altered his work schedule a bit to help me, which has been really great. He works four 10-hour days so he only has to work in the morning one day a week. On that day, he is able to come home in the early afternoon and watch our baby while I get my work done. We’ve only done this a couple of weeks now, but it has been really helpful and helped relieve some of the stress I had been feeling.

What to Do with a Work-Free Weekend? 

Today, we went and took Sweet Pea’s One Year pictures! I can’t believe she will be one year old in less than 3 weeks. Where has the time gone?! I also had a chance to work on a few things for my little one’s first birthday party. (I love to craft so I have been making the decorations for the party!).

And tonight, we did some painting! 😀 Anyone into Bob Ross? My husband has been watching some of his videos, so we got a bunch of paint supplies and sat down and watched a Bob Ross video on YouTube and painted something! We did this one…


And mine turned out like this…


So…you know…definitely not as easy as he makes it look! Haha. It was fun though.

Other Responsibilities

Today, I was able to kind of take a break and work on other things like I mentioned above. I’ll also have some other things to get done this weekend (like cleaning our room!). I’m ashamed at how messy it is, BUT it is one of the items on my list of to-dos this weekend. I know if I can just buckle down and get it cleaned up, I will feel so much better working during the week next week.

Have you all read about that? If you have a clean work space, you tend to work more efficiently? It’s definitely true for me. If the house is messy, I have a really hard time concentrating on my work until I get the mess cleaned up.

Besides getting household chores done, I’m also organizing an estate sale, no easy feat! Only a week left to organize and price. I think I can get it done though!


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