Positive Thinking

Back to Writing

It has been several months since I published my last blog post. I actually wrote something about a month ago to share, but I was never able to finish it; I also changed my mind after rereading it. That’s one of the challenges with blogging: I want my writing to be perfect, but I honestly don’t always have the time to make it so. 

So, here I am, back in the game, just writing out what I want to say. It won’t be perfect; there might be mistakes; it definitely isn’t as optimized as it should be for the search engines (I have quite a bit of work to do on that front for this blog); I could have probably written it better; but this is me.

Update on My Life

The past several months have been pretty crazy. My husband and I celebrated our 5-year anniversary, we helped finish (as much as we were able to help) the house my in-laws were renovating for us to move into and rent from them, we moved and started settling in, we had family come visit, we celebrated my husband’s birthday, Sweet Pea got a stomach bug, and now here we are.

And breathe…

I’m excited to be moved into our new house. We have been very blessed to have a house like this and the opportunity to rent it from my in-laws.  Sweet Pea has been settling in really well. And we got our cat, Gandalf, back! He has been settling in as well, and adjusting to a crazy toddler chasing him around everywhere.

Life is pretty good. I’m still kind of overwhelmed by some of the house projects we have left (and additional projects I’ve made up along the way–i.e. making my own patio furniture) and wanting to be completely settled already, but for 3 weeks, I’d say we’ve done pretty well in getting situated.

Time to Learn

Another reason I decided to jump back in and write is because I just started reading a book I got from work called Everybody Writes by Ann Handley. I’m not that far into the book (I just started reading it yesterday), but I’ve really enjoyed it so far. Ann encourages readers who are looking to improve their writing to make writing a habit: make sure you’re writing everyday. You might not think you’re a good writer, or could ever be one, but it’s a skill that can be developed, with practice and constant learning. 

So that’s what I intend to do… practice, learn and become a better writer. Something else I’m learning is to accept my writing style for what it is. There is not one right way to write. Often, I get discouraged and jealous when I read other peoples’ writing (particularly friends’ writing who seem much better than me at it, and that’s an important skill set for my career). They have a certain style of writing, vocabulary and tone that seems much more intelligent, entertaining and appealing than my own writing. But just because my style, vocabulary (which I can still improve) and tone may be different, it doesn’t mean that it’s less valuable. I can always improve; but, at the same time, some readers may enjoy my style of writing more than I realize.

It’s a process, and something I’m going to be working through in the coming months (and probably years).

What is an area/skill you’d like to get better at? Share it with me in the comments below! I’d love to hear what it is and what steps you’re taking to improve upon it. If you don’t have an idea for how to improve yet, just share what you’d like to get better at below. 


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